Get Cape Town’s Top Labour Lawyers On Your Side

With an enviable reputation as Cape Town’s top Labour Attorneys, we’ve helped hundreds of clients solve their employment issues over the last 25 years. Today we provide the best advice available on South African Labour Law, with our opinions often sought by government, the legal profession and the media.

The Bagraims Approach to Labour Law

Our philosophy is simple: the practice of labour law is not just about litigation and dispute resolution. Serving you best means understanding your business and helping to forestall disputes before they occur, through both a human and legal approach. Of course, you still get first-class representation when litigation is required, with a focus on winning (which in the majority of cases, we do).

Bagraims Labour Attorneys Can Help You With:

Union Problems and Strikes
Employment Contracts and Agreements
Training / HR
Disciplinary Codes
Litigation and CCMA Hearings
Charing Internal Disciplinary Hearings
Strategic Labour Relations Planning

Time To Focus On Your Business

You can also rely on unmatched labour expertise as well as Labour Law services, affording you direct access to advice on managing your Labour Relations. This makes for better decisions as well as improved workforce relations by negotiating settlements in preference to costly and demoralising litigation. Where disputes do arise, we help you deal with the process, right up to defending your interests at CCMA hearings and in the Labour Courts.

The biggest advantage you get from Bagraims’ service is the benefit to your bottom line. This comes not just in realistic fees but also from methods that reduce your labour costs overall. Whatever your requirements we’ll work to find the most cost-effective solution for you while providing a service that is professional, unambiguous and of the highest standard. And ours is service you can call on throughout South Africa, from Cape Town to Johannesburg, Durban and beyond that also covers commercial, civil and criminal law. If you would like to meet the team , click here

A More Efficient And Motivated Workforce

Whether a business, union, individual or government employer our celebrated skill in negotiation will help you maintain a better relationship with your staff, from a more human approach to Labour Relations.

Why not ease your journey through the complexities of Labour Relations and get back to focusing on your business? Just tell us about your special requirements and get Bagraims Labour Attorneys on your side.