Employment and Loadshedding

We have had numerous requests over the past few months as to whether the load shedding can affect the employment relationship, and in particular, the payment for work not done. The reality of the situation is that any businesses, stretching  →

Labour Broking in South Africa

The issue with regard to labour broking was hotly debated right throughout 2009. We suspect that the proposed changes to the legislation will take place during the course of 2010 and these changes will include greater responsibility for both the labour broker  →

Polygraph & other forms of lie detection

I’ve recently read much about the lie detection scenario including the latest Labour Court case on this. It must be borne in mind that lie detection and in particular polygraph testing is just a tool. It cannot constitute conclusive evidence and nor can it  →

Risk of Blackouts very high

Eskom has warned of a “very high” risk of rolling blackouts around the country, but was doing everything it could to avert it. “We are working very closely with our large customers to see if they can reduce their load…  →

Welcome back to the world of work

This is going to be a very interesting year on the labour front.  All of us who are able to go to work should feel privileged and thankful.  The statistics tell us that only 40% of the Matriculants will be  →