How To Get The Most From Our Labour Law Services

Labour Law services in South Africa are more important than ever. Employment here affords more rights to the individual than ever before. But this can mean difficulties, as well as threats to employers, especially businesses. So we provide all the services and advice you could want from a top firm of labour lawyers, with skilful backup in areas as diverse as commercial, criminal and civil law as well.

We specialise in the following areas:

Labour Litigation

While we never litigate where a viable alternative is available, we remain specialists in the field of labour law litigation and are ever ready to fight for our clients. Our enviable reputation as a firm that wins far more cases means you can be confident of the best representation when bringing applications or defending actions.

With extensive experience in every province of South Africa, our highly skilled attorneys and support staff fight for clients at Arbitrations, Conciliations, Mediations and Bargaining Councils – with unparalleled success in the Labour Court and Labour Court of Appeal.

General Litigation

Our General Litigation Department deals with all aspects of the law, including collections and liquidations.

Collective Bargaining

We’ll help you manage strike management, lockouts, illegal work stoppages, armed response support and fast track access to mediation support through the CCMA.

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Fair Dismissals

We assist employers in ensuring fair dismissals of staff, be it for misconduct, incapacity or operational requirements like retrenchments.

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Development of Healthy Labour Relations at Plant / Shopfloor Level

We create the necessary codes of conduct and channels of communication to prevent costly and time-consuming litigation down the line, as well as a better working environment for the entire organisation.

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Commercial Law

It’s a fact that commercial Law often impacts Labour Law. Consequently, in order to give our clients overall commercial protection, we make sure they benefit from the best in legal advice and services. Our service covers all aspects of the establishment and operation of Sole Proprietorship’s, Partnerships, Private Companies, Close Corporations and Section 21 Companies, with particular skill in:

  • Any sale of Business Agreements or parts thereof that fall under the terms of section 197 of the Labour Relations Act.
  • Consultancy Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Management Agreements and Manufacturing Agreements entered into with various types of staff.
  • Any documents you need your Employees to sign, such as Loan Agreements, Security Documents, Cessions, Letters of Suretyship etc

Drafting of Contracts

Of course, we can create a rock solid tailor-made employment contract for you. But our contract services also include drafting of sub-contractors’ agreements, fixed term contracts and disciplinary and grievance codes, all in line with current legislation. We also design and implement contracts in the event of transfer of businesses and reach agreements with staff in order to protect clients from future litigation surrounding the transfer of a business.

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Compliance Audit

This service determines and assesses your organisation’s compliance with the abundance of social, commercial and labour legislation.

Want to know more about how Bagraims Labour Attorneys can help your organisation? Just get in contact for an informal chat and discover how employment can be less hassle with more benefit.