Winning With Employment Contracts and Agreements

The substance of employment contracts and agreements has been laid out in detail under South African Labour Law. However, for the future benefit of an organisation and its staff, it’s important to approach employment contracts objectively and with an eye on potential future issues. After all, any agreement that favours one side, while putting the other at an uncomfortable disadvantage, will more than likely become problematic in time.

Written Employment Contracts

An employer is required to provide all employees with a document at the start of their employment, which details, among more specific points, of:

  • Employer and Worker Details
  • Employment Details
  • Payment Details
  • Leave Details
  • Notice/Contract Period
  • Grievance Procedures
  • Probation details

Grievance Procedures And Employment Contracts

Grievance procedures are an essential aspect of the employment agreement that must be given to all employees as soon as they join the organisation. Such predetermined processes can actually make for greater harmony by allowing everyone to know the rules of the workplace and what should be done if any conflict arises within them. Grievance procedures can also keep dispute resolution within the organisation as much as possible while protecting employee’s rights in accordance with the law. A well-constructed set of grievance procedures can also avoid external intervention and protect the employer’s rights; for example, where an employee ignores the grievance process and simply resigns, making any ensuing constructive dismissal claim much weaker.

Making Employment Contracts Work For The Organisation

A good employment contract should provide a working practice that suits both employer and employee. It should enable the employer to derive the best benefit from its workers while ensuring those workers are sufficiently rewarded and their rights protected. This requires skill in determining a balance that will keep both sides satisfied over time and retain a flexibility that will support the organisations growth in the future. This is an area where we have found great success over the years. In fact, many of our clients rely on advice about employment contracts created across three decades of South African Labour Law experience that still stands them in good stead.

Get The Best Advice On Your Employment Contracts and Agreements

The most effective contract of employment will satisfy both employer and employee while fulfilling its requirements under the law. Let us help create the best employment foundation for you, beginning with how your organisation will work best with your staff, now and in the future, based on the best possible advice on employment contracts.