What is Outplacement?


Outplacement is a service that offers counselling and career advice, especially to redundant executives, which is paid by the previous employer – Collins Dictionary

Assistance provided through a third-party company and paid for by a former employer to help laid-off employees find new employment – Investopedia


Executive transitioning is a frequent occurrence in today’s complex business world. Whether it occurs through restructuring, M&A activity, downsizing or a change in business culture, its impact on an organization cannot be underestimated.

Outplacement, although new to South Africa, has been a valuable component of risk mitigation in international businesses since the mid 1970’s.

For the individual, job loss is an emotional time, where people feel alone and vulnerable. An outplacement consultant helps the employee deal with reactions of shock, anger and panic; creating a safe place to talk through emotions.

How outgoing employees are treated during the transition process greatly influences how they view and talk about the organization.

Benefits of Outplacement

  • Utilising an objective external provider, minimises the time, involvement and emotional strain on management
  • Helps maintain internal morale, minimising panic, resentment and resignations of much needed key talent
  • Supported employees are less resentful and are less likely to push for litigation
  • Skills and insights acquired provide the employee with a competitive edge in the job market, enabling them to successfully move on
  • Helps avoid negative press coverage, benefits corporate reputation and protects the employer brand

Cost Savings

  • Cost and time saved from avoidance of legal challenges: industry feedback indicates an average saving of 30% on legal challenges when outplacement is offered
  • Savings on PR activity, as outplacement minimizes unfavorable press coverage and the need to counter it
  • Less downtime from a demotivated and anxious workforce

What We Offer

  • Professional one-on-one coaching for outgoing executives
  • Managing the fear of change
  • Career review and analysis
  • Insights into what the current market is looking for
  • How to stand out from the crowd and compete effectively
  • Body language, listening skills and effective language usage
  • Preparing a powerful and relevant CV
  • Effective networking & LinkedIn profile development
  • Understanding why Headhunters and Agencies reject most direct approaches
  • Access to a variety of external resources

For assistance on outplacement services please contact:

The Change Initiative

Call: 021 683 0485 or email Madge Gibson at: madge@thechangeinitiative.co.za